3. International Circular Packaging Conference

3. International Circular Packaging Conference

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ZAČETEK: 19. 10. 2023 00:00
ZAKLJUČEK: 20. 10. 2023 00:00

Pulo and Paper Instutute and Faculty of Polymer Technology are organizing International Circular Packaging Conference.

When and where: 19-20 October 2023, Ljubljana (Slovenia) and online

The aim of the conference is to connect different stakeholders from academia, industry, design studios, brand owners and all involved in the packaging life cycle from idea to end of life stage. Main goals are to share knowledge, good practices, ideas and to make new connections in the transformation from linear to circular packaging supply chain.

The conference is a great opportunity to have a holistic approach regarding circular and sustainable packaging.

With interesting presentations, real life case studies and workshops we expect to create new partnerships between and among academia and industry stakeholders.

Conference topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Circular economy
  • New innovative bio-based materials
  • Sustainable and optimized packaging design
  • Packaging printing and converting
  • Packaging supply chain optimization through innovative solution
  • Consumer behaviour on a way to circular packaging
  • Life cycle analysis 
  • Packaging waste recycling, reusing and composting

Important dates:
31st May 2023 – Abstract submission (300 words)
15th June 2023 – Notification of the submission acceptance
31st July 2023 – Final paper submission
September 2023 – Final Programme
19th and 20th October 2023 – Conference

All papers will be reviewed and will be published in the peer reviewed conference proceedings, which will be printed and published with DOI and ISBN numbers.

Other forms of submissions and presentations are also possible (case studies, design concepts) but will not be included in the conference proceedings as a reviewed article.

You can find additional information on the conference’s web page.