Clean hydrogen technologies in Slovenia and its cross-border neighbourhood

Clean hydrogen technologies in Slovenia and its cross-border neighbourhood

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ZAČETEK: 18. 10. 2022 09:00
ZAKLJUČEK: 18. 10. 2022 13:00

You are cordially invited to the webinar, on Tuesday, 18 October 2022. Webinar is organized as a side event within the European Hydrogen Week 2022.

Slovenia already has some hydrogen technology use-cases in industry decarbonization and defence sectors. Collaboration with the neighbourhood countries is growing in this field as well and political willingness to support hydrogen projects is present. This year a proposal for large-scale hydrogen valley was submitted to the Clean Hydrogen Partnership together with Italy and Croatia. With the event, we would like to address the potentials of the hydrogen production, use and storage in the North Adriatic region and beyond to identify the pathways for future developments in this emerging technological field.


Welcome address

dr. Janez Blaž, Ministry of Infrastructure

Speakers 9.00-9.15
Hydrogen technologies for industry decarbonization
assoc. prof. dr. Blaž Likozar, National Institute of Chemistry


Hydrogen prosumer in local energy community; distributed laboratory for hydrogen technologies in energy supply system
dr. Zoran Marinšek, director of KCSTV

EU R&D collaboration for the use of hydrogen in energy-intensive sector
Tilen Sever, Steklarna Hrastnik

Clean hydrogen in mobility and defense
prof. dr. Tomaž Katrašnik, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Ljubljana

Hydrogen technology and skills development
dr. Viktor Hacker, TU Graz


Presentation of the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association
Mr. István Lepsényi, president of Hydrotechnology Platform, Hungary

Presentation of the Hungarian Hydrogen Valleys and „maps” as the local ecosystem and matchmaking projects
Mr. Gábor Angyal, Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association

Presentation of the „Hungarian Hydrogen Map Project”
Mr. Zoltán Mayer, Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association

Croatian role in North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley
dr. sc. Vjekoslav Jukić, Head of Sector for Energy Policy and Planning, Representative of Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development in Croatia

The role of Italy in the North Adriatic hydrogen valley (NAHV) initiative and H2-based technologies development

Wrap up and conclusions


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