Vanguard ESM Plenary meeting 2021

Vanguard ESM Plenary meeting 2021

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ZAČETEK: 09. 12. 2021 14:30
ZAKLJUČEK: 09. 12. 2021 17:00

The coordinators of Vanguard ESM Pilot are pleased to invite you to the ESM 2021 final plenary event to discuss the current progresses and activities and to plan next steps for a fruitful and efficient 2022.

The event will be divided into two main sessions:

• Pilot session

The 9th December, 14:30-17:00, all the interested and participating regions will meet to show and discuss the main activities of the Pilot demo-cases. A dedicated presentation of each demo-case coordinator will give the overview of the achievements reached so far and the planned tasks for next year. Each region will have the opportunity to be updated and to understand if new interests and collaborations arise.

Within this session, there will be a Call of interest: each interested stakeholder could describe with a brief pitch (5-7 minutes) its regional expertise/capabilities and propose new use-cases and specific applications to collect a critical mass of regions interested to the topics. The proposal is “open”: could be connected to an existing demo-case/use-case or could be new but connected to Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing.

The template for the pitch is available here, with additional info on the current demo-cases. All the proposals should be submitted within the 7th of December 2021 to

• B2B matchmaking session

The 10th December, 9:30-12:30, there will be the chance to fix individual 1:1 meeting with registered stakeholders and ESM pilot coordinators to discuss and evaluate the possible participation and involvement of the region within the described activities. This represent a huge opportunity to regional stakeholders, be sure to invite them!

The registration is required.
The connection details will be shared after the registration.